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Key features that you are gonna Love about the English Language Programs at University of Florida

Some reasons why hundreds of international students choose to study at the English Language Institute of UF

Quality of the English Program at UF

More than 60 years of experience teaching English as a second language to international students at the University of Florida

Prepare students for using English in the real world

The English programs are based on current research in the fields of language teaching, acquisition, learning and assessment

Quality of English instructors at UF

Our faculty and staff are committed to providing the quality service and education you deserve

Students from all around the world

A diverse student body from over 70 countries that enriches the classroom experience

Extracurricular activities at UF

Extracurricular activities including access to daily after-class sports and cultural activities

Field Trips in Florida

Our location in the heart of Florida provides incomparable access to cities as Orlando, and attractions as Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Epcot Center, etc.

Gainesville is an amazing city to live

Gainesville was voted the Number 1 city in the United States in 1995 by Money Magazine. With a population of more than 110,000, Gainesville combines a friendly, small-town atmosphere with many big services.

Few students per classroom

Small class sizes and individualized attention. Averaging 12 students per classroom

Native English Speakers Students Assistants

The ELI of the University of Florida is, so far as we know, the only English Language Institute to offer Language Assistants as part of its Listening/Speaking course. Language Assistants are university-age fluent English speakers.

Intensive English Programs

Design your own full-time programs between 23 to 33 hours per week.

Elective classes for advanced levels

Choose electives, such as Business English, Conversation Strategies, and US Culture, at advanced levels when enrollment allows

Different levels of English

Start at your own level in each skill, whether beginning, intermediate or advanced

Who should take these language programs at The University of Florida?

The University of Florida English Language Institute offers intensive English programs that prepare students for using English in the real world. The programs are based on over 60 years of second language teaching experience and research. The faculty and staff are committed to providing the quality service and education you deserve. ELI offer English instruction that prepares you for using English in an academic or professional context and the culture that is all around you.

The ELI is a self-supporting program of the University of Florida. It is intended to serve speakers of other languages and is dedicated to offering superior instruction and best possible occasions for practice, using current materials and techniques, and providing an ideal learning environment.

These goals are accomplished by a well-trained staff enthusiastically committed to the success of all learners, actively involved in meeting their needs, and unquestionably focused on functioning as a team for the greater good of all concerned.

UF Intensive English Language Programs for international students at University of Florida UF Where to learn english as a second language in Gainesville Florida

Information about Gainesville, Florida

Gainesville was voted the Number 1 city in the United States in 1995 by Money Magazine.

With a population of more than 110,000, Gainesville combines a friendly, small-town atmosphere with many big services. It has five golf courses, museums, theaters, and a performing arts center featuring internationally renowned entertainers. Its tree-shaded roads and miles of bicycle paths make it an ideal place for joggers and other athletes.

With its moderate climate, Gainesville and its surrounding areas contain many beautiful parks, lakes and springs that offer year-round recreational opportunities. Located in the North Central Florida county of Alachua, Gainesville provides convenient access to the state's major cities. It is only a two-hour drive from Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville, permitting one-day excursions to attractions such as Disney World, Sea World, Busch Gardens, the Jacksonville Zoo, as well as Florida's gulf and Atlantic beaches.

Information about the University of Florida (UF)

The University of Florida is one of the preeminent universities in the United States. It attracts students from all 50 states and from 100 countries. The University of Florida is a comprehensive university, offering degrees in most known fields of study. The campus extends over 800 hectares. It employs more than 4000 faculty members and trains more than 42,000 students at one time. The campus contains several restaurants and cafeterias, four pools (one Olympic-size indoor, three outdoor), four gymnasiums and fitness centers, four art galleries, many auditoriums, 10 libraries, and offices that provide legal, mental, career and health advisement, and other services to students. The ELI is an integral part of the University of Florida, and ELI students have access to university facilities, including the infirmary, libraries and recreational areas.

The University of Florida has :

  • The world's largest citrus research center.
  • The largest computing center in the south of the United States.
  • Internationally known training and research programs in all fields, including engineering, business law, and medicine.
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